Exhibition Center

Brief Background

The Exhibition Center at Changzamtog Industrial Area (near the STCBL Office) is an initiative of the Department of  Trade to help promote the use of locally produced products and materials for construction and export purposes. The center was inaugurated on 27th March, 2017. The Exhibition Center is first of its kind in the country and it aims to support local producers and industries to showcase their produce to local consumer by way of advertising and marketing Bhutanese products at a free cost. The center exhibits construction materials, plumbing, electrical, agro products, handicraft items etc. that have been manufactured or grown in Bhutan.

The objectives of the center are;

  • To facilitate Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) interactions.
  • To promote export and marketing of locally produced agro products, handicraft items and construction materials.
  • To promote international trade and create business linkages for the Bhutanese manufacturers.
  • To support local producers and industries to showcase their products.
  • The center is expected to serve as an important platform for the visitors and consumers to examine the products physically before placing orders and get detail information about their price, quality and other related information.

The center conducts value chain analysis of products through way of study tours/market study, analyze exportable products and publish annual bulletin of the center. It also organizes BTB interaction, seminar and workshop for the Exporters.

  1. Exhibition-Center-Guidelines
  2. Registration Form for Displaying Products in the Exhibition Center
  3. Annual Bulletin of Exhibition Center.
  4. List of Companies.
  5. Annual Bulletin of Exhibition Center 2020