Human Resource Division

The Human Resource Division (HRD) functions directly under the Secretariat. The head of the division is the Chief Human Resource Officer. There are three service sections under the Division viz.

  • Human Resource Development Services
  • Human Resource Management Services
  • Civil Service Information System.

1. Human Resource Development Services

The Human Resource Division in the ministry plan and formulate policies and coordinate all development works of the ministry. Review and plan the HRD Master plan for the Ministry based on priority and implement the HRD plan of the Ministry. Streamline the development of Human resources to ensure effective utilization of resources.

The implementation of Long term courses is done through merit ranking and open selection competition. All ad-hoc offers received from the donor agency through relevant agencies to the ministry are routed through the HR Committee of the Ministry and relevant civil servants are nominated and sent Liaise with the Donor Agencies/ Departments/Divisions/Foreign Ministry/RCSC/DADM/Project Managers/ stakeholders for all training programs.
Monitor the impact and relevance of the trainings

2. Human Resource Management Service

The Human Resource Management Service takes the responsibilities of all secretarial services to the civil servants of the ministry. The important task is to formulate and develop the five-year Human Resource Manpower Strength Plan and to implement keeping in line with the organizational goal. The main functions in the HRMS are Recruitment, Selection and Appointment of Regular, Contract, General Service Personnel, Elementary Service Personnel in the ministry as per the approved HR Manpower strength of the Ministry. The Division also conduct selection and recruitment process for the in-service employee into the civil service up to P1 Level. The other secretarial functions include the following:
  • Leave
  • Remuneration and Benefits
  • Performance Management System
  • Promotion
  • Transfers
  • Separation from Civil Service
  • Any other HR issue of the Ministry

  • 3. Information Management System Service

    The information of the civil servants maintained in the information system of the ministry require to be correct and reliable, thus this section serves as the backbone to the ministry in delivering data and information of the employees up to date. This helps the Civil Service Information System (CISI) of the RCSC. The Division coordinates with staff in updating their service book and the updated doceuments sent to RCSC.

    Current working structure

    This HR Officers are assigned a Department or two each and look after all the HR related issues of the Department/ Division. The HROs are accountable to the Chief HR Officer. The Division works in consultation with the head of the Department/Division in delivering the HR works.
    To enable the organization to develop and effectively execute its strategies as per the plan and work towards achieving Gross National Happiness.
    To ensure that the staffing needs of the Ministry are met and all Human Resource activities are carried out in a fair and transparent manner.