Safety Protocol for COVID-19 responders residing in self-contained facilities

COVID-19 responders residing in the self-contained facilities shall strictly adhere to the following safety measures:

    • 1. Use Druk Trace QR Code
    • 2. Wear a face mask at all times
    • 3. Wash hands with soap and water frequently or use alcohol-based hand sanitizer
    • 4. Maintain physical distance (at least 1 meter) during meals, tea/coffee, while on duty and during meetings.
    • 5. Practice cough etiquette (cover mouth while sneezing & coughing or flexed elbow)
    • 6. Avoid touching face, mouth, nose, and eyes with unwashed hands
    • 7. Refrain from bringing in family or friends to the containment facilities.
    • 8. Avoid congregation at the entrance or exit,
    • 9. Refrain from mixing with the other COVID-19 responder cohort.
    • 10. Do not gather or socialize in the facility or room
    • 11. Refrain from drinking alcohol and smoking,
    • 12. The cooks/caterers to maintain hygiene while cooking, serving food etc.
    • 13. Encourage the cook/caterers to serve food and discourage self-serving,
    • 14. Do not eat food from same plate and mug,
    • 15. Assign an individual to clean most frequently touched surfaces such as door knobs, arm chairs, tables, bed frames etc. twice a day.
    • 16. Clean bathroom and toilet surfaces at least once daily using usual disinfectants
    • 17. Disinfect or wash face shield after every use.
    • 18. Dispose of the used gloves, faced masks and other wastes properly into a waste bin.
    • 19. Self-monitor your health and immediately self-isolated if you develop signs and symptoms such as fever, cough, shortness of breath, loss of smell etc. and at the same time report to the National Surveillance Team @77441220/77441163) or call 2121.
Developed by: Rixin/Ugyen Reviewed by: TAG Approved by: Minister, MoH