Graphic Visualisation of Market Price Information for essential goods

In addition to the publication of Market Price Information (MPI) of 102 essential items from selected major grocery shops of 20 Dzongkhags including thromdees, the Office of Consumer Protection (OCP), Ministry of Economic Affairs is pleased to share the graphic visualisation of the six essential goods that indicate major price fluctuations from March till July, 2020 amid COVID-19 situation. 

The six essential goods are RajBhog Kumar Rice (25kg), SK Gold Rice (25kg), Milk Powder (800gm), Egg (1 tray), Refine Cooking oil (5ltr) and Britannia Cheese block (1kg).

These are the maximum indicative prices to monitor and keep track of price movement in the market and provide information to consumers for informed purchase decisions. It is also to serve as a price reference and a yardstick to compare and take appropriate actions in the event of price manipulation in the market by the business entities. Please click the link below to view the graphic visualisation: