Public Notification Inviting Opposition/Objective fo Registration of Copyright & Related Rights Works.

October 14, 2019



Inviting Opposition/Objection for Registration of Copyright & Related Rights Works

This is to inform the general public and all interested parties that the Department of Intellectual Property (DoIP), MoEA has received an application for the voluntary deposit and registration of their copyright and related rights from the following author/owner:

Details of the Application:

  1. Name of Author(s): Karma Sangay
  2. Name of Owner(s): Karma Sangay
  3. Title of the Work: Shape of a teenage mind
  4. Category of the Work: Literary works
  5. Description of the Work: The work is solely based upon the melodramas a teenager faces. The poems inside the books talks about love, dramas, dreams, growth and interpersonal changes. The objective of this book is to help the growing teenagers in Bhutan to be persistent along their difficult journey and this piece is created so no teenagers feel like they are left alone.

The DoIP would like to invite through this notification, opposition/objection to the application for registration of the above work. The opposition/objection should be filed with the DoIP within one month from the date of publication of this notification.

If there are no oppositions/objections filed within the stipulated time length, the application will be accepted for registration and accordingly issue a certificate of registration thereafter.

For further details, please contact the Copyright Division, DoIP, MoEA at telephone No.: 335233 or email: or