Awareness on the Importance of IP for Entrepreneurship and Self Employment

The Department of Intellectual Property (DoIP), Ministry of Economic Affairs conducted awareness on the importance of Intellectual Property (IP) for the College of Science and Technology (CST) on May 25, 2019 and for the Start-up Entrepreneurs on May 31,  2019 at Terma Linca Resort, Thimphu. A total of 100 Start-up Entrepreneurs attended the program at Terma Linca Resort and more than 400 students and teachers of CST attended the awareness program.

The program was a part of the project on ‘Entrepreneurship and Self Employment’ which was initiated by a group of entrepreneurs who attended a program called LEAD Alliance in Mongolia last year. The main objective of the awareness program was to promote self-employment and encourage entrepreneurs to leverage on Intellectual Property Systems in entrepreneurship development.

The participants were sensitized on the basics of IP (Trademark, Copyright, Patent and Industrial Designs) and on the importance of protecting IP in accordance with the legal provisions under the Copyright Act and Industrial Property Act of the Kingdom of Bhutan, 2001. For further clarity, the officials of DoIP also participated in the panel discussions.

Through such participation, the DoIP not only aspires to educate the general public but also intends to influence the behavior of the general public to create and innovate IP, encourage its protection through registration, utilize IP to promote their brand and reputation in the market, further R&D and promote respect for IP.