Celebration of the World Intellectual Property Day 2019

The World Intellectual Property Day was observed on 26 April 2019. Since 2000, the World IP Day has offered a unique opportunity each year to join with others around the world to consider how IP contributes to the flourishing of the arts and music and to driving the technological innovation that helps shape our world.

The World IP Day celebration in Bhutan was part of more than 400 such celebrations in different countries around the world. The celebrations this year organized by the Department of Intellectual Property was graced by His Excellency, the Hon’ble Tengye Lyonpo.

The World IP Day highlights, through a specific theme, how IP rights encourage and promote innovation and creativity. This year’s theme for the World IP Day celebration is “Reach for Gold: IP and Sports” which was chosen to celebrate the positive role that IP plays in encouraging sports that engages and enriches our lives in many different ways. IP rights underlie and empower the financial model of all sporting events worldwide and are now the heart of the global sports ecosystem. Today, sports have become a multi-billion dollar industry that generates investment in facilities from sport stadiums to broadcast networks, create jobs and entertain millions of people. In the context of Bhutan, sports have been steadily growing and fast gaining popularity. Our athletes participate in many international sports events in different sporting disciplines. Bhutan has also been hosting international sports events. This upward trend of our domestic sports ecosystem is expected to grow in the coming years. In this regard, the role of IP is also expected to be increasingly crucial for the growth and sustainability of the sporting ecosystem in Bhutan.

Coinciding with the World IP Day, the Department also organized the following important events.

  1. Award of certificates and cash prizes to the winners of the second National Trademark Competition Award.

The Department introduced the National Trademark Award in 2018 to recognize the role and significance of the trademark in promoting the brand competition thereby leading to quality of goods and services in the market. Through such activity, it is felt that the people understand the importance of creating, protecting, using and enforcing the Trademarks. The National Trademark Competition Award emanates from the 7th strategic objective of the National Intellectual Property Policy 2018 i.e to provide “Incentives to encourage Innovation and Creativity”.

The Hon’ble Tengye Lyonpo awarded certificates and cash prizes to the following winners of the National Trademark Award, 2019:

Mr. Ugyen for the Trademark “Bio Bhutan” – 1st prizewinner

Ms. Chimi Lhamo for the Trademark “Mountain Mist” – 2nd prizewinner

Ms. Chandrika Tamang for the Trademark “CDK” – 3rd prizewinner

  1. Launching of Bhutan online IP search website.

The Hon’ble Tengye Lyonpo also launched the Bhutan online IP search website. The Department in collaboration with the WIPO developed the Bhutan online IP search website which would provide a single window platform to the public, applicants, IP owners, IP agents and relevant stakeholders to access information on all the IP titles filed in Bhutan like Trademark, Industrial Design, Patent and Copyright. At the moment, only information related to Trademarks filed in Bhutan is available. The Regional Trade and Industry Offices which registers Tradenames can cross-check for doubtful Tradenames in the website before registering them to avoid conflicts between Trademarks and Tradenames. The Trademark applicants can search for prior registered trademarks and as well as check the status of their filed trademarks. In addition, the IP agent could also check the status of their clients’ filed trademarks. The launching of the website will enable Bhutan to join with other WIPO member countries in the “WIPO’s initiative of Global Dissemination of IP data” that encourages and supports the exchange of IP data among different IP offices and WIPO.

  1. Launch of the IP theme song

To mark the IP Day celebrations, the Department also launched the IP theme song. The song was composed by Mr. Tashi Dendup and performed by Mr. Karma Phuntsho and Ms. Chimi Wangmo. The song was launched with a live rendition by the singers. Henceforth, the theme song will be used for promotion and dissemination of IP related information and programmes.