Awareness on IP for the DHI BizAP Cohort 2 Entrepreneurs

The Department of Intellectual Property, Ministry of Economic Affairs, conducted an awareness program on intellectual property for the DHI BizAP Cohort 2 Entrepreneurs on 23 April 2019 in the Financial Institutions Training Institute (FITI), Thimphu. The awareness program was part of the BizAP program initiated by the Druk Holding and Investments Limited. The principle objective of the awareness program was to impart and disseminate the basic understanding of various intellectual properties and their relevance in any business undertaking.

The participants were explained on the concept of intellectual property subject matters such as trademark, copyright, patent and industrial design and how these subject matters can be protected as exclusive rights and enforced as per the Industrial Property Act 2001 and the Copyright Act of Bhutan 2001. Through this program, the participants were sensitized on the importance of intellectual property in business undertaking and how each entrepreneur can leverage on intellectual property system to broaden and strengthen the scope of their business horizon.

During the awareness program, the Department inter reacted with the participants by responding to their queries and clarifications. In addition, brochures and magazines on intellectual property were distributed to the participants. A total of 22 entrepreneurs attended the session. The Department conduct such awareness program to various stakeholder on a regular basis.