Session on Entrepreneurial Journey

             Session: Entrepreneurial Journey

Friday Session Entrepreneurial Journey: An Experience Sharing by Mr. Sangay Rinchen (Aka Farmer Sangay), a young dynamic entrepreneur

Venue: Hall 2, Startup Center, Changzamtog, DCSI
Time   : 2. 30 pm
Date    : 15th March 2019

Farmer Sangay over the last 10 years of his entrepreneurial journey on the path of life have figured out himself of infect how very complex person he is. He shares he is a “philosopher by cognition” and he left everything in life in search of understanding the life of being here. He has decided to live though human culture and society, which happens to be farming and agriculture. He understands his world and existence through working with natural world that makes him as farmer by occupation. He has decided to live a life as an “Entrepreneur by lifestyle” for his entire life in order to survive in modern ecosystem and to stay relevant in times of disruptions. He has executed lot of entrepreneurial projects especially creating newer versions of hybrid value chain for future economy 4.0.

Meet Farmer Sangay in sharing his entrepreneurial experience without any emotional entanglement with the hope of bringing some insights to our current times of change.

Interested aspiring individuals who want to take up entrepreneurship as a career choice can register through an email at / or call us at 330748.


(Startup Center, Changzamtog)