Final Stakeholder Workshop on Standards & Labeling Scheme for Energy Efficient Appliances.

On 14th December 2018, the Department of Renewable Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs held the final multi-stakeholder workshop on the “Standards and Labeling (S&L) Scheme for Energy Efficient Appliances” at Thimphu as part of the ADB TA 8630-Promoting Clean Energy Development in Bhutan. The S&L implementation plan with the roles and responsibilities of the stakeholders, and the economic analysis of energy saving potentials for the identified energy efficient appliances was presented at the workshop.

The S&L Scheme is one of the activities that the Department intends to carry out as a measure to reduce the Country’s energy intensity. A baseline study on the current trend in energy consumption and the sales trend of most commonly used electrical appliances was carried out and appropriate measures were identified to bring a market transformation where energy efficient appliances become a natural choice for consumers and importers. The implementation of S&L scheme will also deter the import of inefficient and sub-standard appliances.