Small Contracts Awarded (Direct Contracting)

Project Name:            Supporting Minerals Management Policy Reform Project

Funding Source:       Extractive Global Programmatic Support Multi-Donor Trust Fund – TF Grant No. TF0A7016  administered by the International Development Association(World Bank)

Country:      Bhutan

Project Number:        P163172

Awarded Firm/Individual:   Mr. Enrique Ortega Girones

Address:                                 Calle Jesús 75-18, Valencia 46007, Spain

Contract signature date:       November 12, 2018

Method of Procurement/Selection: Direct Selection (Lumpsum)

Price:                                      US$54,000

Duration:                               5 months

Summary scope of contract: The Economic Development Policy 2016 and Mineral Development Policy 2017 outlines the policy intent of the Royal Government of Bhutan to effectively harness potential mineral resources in a transparent and responsible manner triggering reforms to the laws, rules as well as organization. A international mining expert has been recruited as an individual consultant to assist the Department of Geology and Mines in developing Mines Allocation Framework, Value addition Criteria and Categorization of Strategic Minerals which are some of the reforms recommended by the MDP 2017.

Mineral Development Division,
Department of Geology and Mines,
Ministry of Economic Affairs,
PO Box No. 173
Thimphu – 11001
Tele – +975-2-323096 (Ext-116)
Email –