Selection result for Administrative Assistant (IPCD) & Asst. Industries Officer(IDD)


The selection result for the post of Administrative Assistant on Lateral Transfer for IPCD, and Asst. Industries Officer on consolidated contract for IDD under Department of Industry held on 23rd October 2018.

2. The post of Administrative Assistant-IPCD

Sl.No. Name EID No. Remarks
1 Pabitra Rai 20130702234 Selected
2 Dechen Wangmo 200206018 Standby

2. The post of Asst. Industries Officer-IDD

Sl.No. Name CID No. Remarks
1 Yeshi Dorji 12005003142 Selected
2 Nidup Zangmo 11208002453 1st Standby
3 Tshering Dorji 11914001516 2nd Standby
4 Kencho Wangmo 10102001735
5 Nima Zangmo 11513004947
6 Sangay Wangchuk 10706001461
7 Yeshi Choden 10103000715

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Administrative Assistant & Asst. Industries Officer (DoI)