Workshop on Trade Information Portal

The Department of Trade with technical support from the European Commission under the EU-Bhutan Trade Support project is planning to develop a Trade Information Portal (TIP) with an objective to enhance access to trade and market information.

Accordingly, the Department with experts from the International Trade Centre (ITC) has organized a half day workshop on TIP on October 10, 2018 at the Conference hall of Department of Trade with an aim to introduce the stakeholders on the best practices of online Trade Information Service Management, available Trade data resources at ITC and how these could be integrated into the TIP.  Besides, the workshop also discussed the important data requirements and links in the proposed TIP.

The workshop was attended by key stakeholders from the Department of Revenue & Customs, Bhutan Chamber of Commerce & Industry, BAFRA, Bhutan Standards Bureau, Bhutan Statistical Bureau, Bhutan Exporters Association, Bhutan Industries Association, Handicrafts Association of Bhutan and other relevant officials from the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

The TIP will provide important and necessary information to all Traders (Exporters and Importers) and importers of foreign nationalities on Export/import guides, tariff, non-tariff measures, information of preferential treatments and database on trade related information among others. The TIP is expected to be fully functional and live by the end of 2019.