Ambassador of Bangladesh Completes Tenure with Economic Success

H.E Mr. A.K.M Shahidul Karim, Ambassador of Bangladesh to Bhutan from January 2020 to October 2022 left the country with a long-lasting contribution in the economic sector.

Bilateral trade relation with Bangladesh has further strengthened during the last three years with  increased  cooperation  in trade and economic engagements. The commitment to ensuring that the Joint Working Group meetings (JWG) and Technical Committee meetings (JTC) were convened have  helped sustain continued momentum in our bilateral engagements  with the Government of Bangladesh.  Ambassador Karim  has provided unwavering support for all levels of bilateral engagements and without his kind cooperation it would not have been possible to realize what has been achieved so far in our efforts towards promoting bilateral trade with Bangladesh.

Bhutan and Bangladesh signed the Preferential Trade Agreement in November 2020 and implemented it since July 2022.The two countries also finalized the  Agreement on Movement of Traffic-In-Transit between Bhutan and Bangladesh, and is ready to be signed. The two countries also made significant progress towards inland waterways by endorsing the MoU as well as the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) on Use of Inland Waterways for Transportation of Bilateral Trade and Transit Cargoes between Bhutan and Bangladesh.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs, acknowledges his unwavering support and good will, and wishes the Ambassador all the best in his next place of duty.