In Memory of Kezang Chophel

Born in 1985 and with many years ahead of him to shine and realize his potential, Kezang Chophel joined the Ministry of Economic Affairs in 2008 and was a young and bright  officer who was dedicated to public service.

He had a promising future with hope and optimism at work and home, and was what led him to enhance his professionalism abroad. But destiny had other plans by taking him away in the prime of his life on August 26, 2022.  We are all born to take this path but in his short life he touched the lives of many in the ministry and the people he served with grace and humility.  Kezang was a joy to be around as a colleague for many and was always there with a helping hand to all.

He is  survived by his wife and two young children, and while the ministry has come together in this hour of grief and collectively contributed to help;  for his family,  only time can heal the pain, sorrow and grief; and no words and support  will ease his loss for them.

Today as we bid farewell to his mortal remains, Kezang Chophel’s life was a blessing and his memories will be a treasure to be forever loved and missed. And as the prayers of Dewachen are recited, “May he be born in the Land of Great Joy”.