POL Press Release

The Department of Trade, MoEA convened a meeting with Officials from Bharat Petroleum Cooperation Limited (BPCL), Siliguri, India on 12th September, 2022. The meeting was chaired by Officiating Director General of the Department of Trade. 

The meeting discussed, on the issues related to the Petroleum sector and ensuring the uninterrupted supply of Petroleum products in the country. Further, meeting discussed on extension of validity of existing Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between BPCL and the Department, replacement of Z pumps with the MPD pumps & installation of Canopy in the retail outlets around the Country, training the technicians for repair and maintenance of pumps and providing the training for Trade officials on fuel quality testing.

The BPCL officials assured the replacement of Z pumps & Dispensing Units with the MPD pumps in Twenty Six Retail Outlets distributing BPCL’s Products across the Country by end of October, 2022 subjected to timely facilitation of movement permits for technicians to install the MPD pumps.  

This press release is being issued to provide wider dissemination and awareness to the general public.

Department of Trade
September 12, 2022