Launch of IBLS System- Phase I

The Ministry of Economic Affairs (MoEA) launched the Integrated Business Licensing Service (IBLS) System – Phase I on 6th August, 2022. The system provides a single window to obtain trade license, small scale license with no clearance and small-scale license with location clearance from Thimphu Thromde. A total of 242 business activities will be available for license through this system. Being integrated with a number of existing systems of the Government, the IBLS system enables data sharing within agencies and eliminates the requirement of multiple submission of the same documents by applicants.

The ultimate goal is to develop a system that ensures entry and exit from one window with all stakeholders providing clearances integrated at the backend. The Ministry is continuously working with external agencies to integrate within the IBLS and their support so far is promising. Ease of doing business is fundamental to the people wishing to make a livelihood through innovation and creativity. This system will be able to save time and costs to applicants as they do not have to visit offices and submission of multiple documents are eliminated.

Developed under the Digital Drukyul Flagship Program with support from UNCTAD under the funding of the Government of the Netherlands, the system aims to make administrative procedures transparent, swift and efficient contributing to making the environment more conducive for businesses and strengthening good governance through efficient and effective service delivery.

This initiative of the Ministry follows the reform introduced in the Cottage Scale Industry Sector with the launch of the Cottage Registration Certificate System (CRC) in 2021.  With the support of the UNCTAD, a total of 186 business activities were made available in the CRC system for Registration Certificate following the principle of “Innovate first, Regulate Later”. Under the CRC, an applicant can obtain a registration certificate in a fraction of minute with no registration fee required.

The IBLS system can be accessed from and caters to 242 business activities only. Business activities falling under the medium and large scale, FDI and small scale with clearances shall be released as and when it is developed. However, applicants will be seamlessly directed to the existing G2C system to obtain those licenses. The G2C system is kept open for activities available in the IBLS to allow gradual transition and avoid confusions among the citizens.