Signing of contract agreement of Nganglam Dry Port

The Department of Trade signed a contract agreement with M/s K.D. Builders Private Limited for Work Package – 01: Site development works including construction of side grading, boundary wall and fencing, retaining wall and staircase, entry-exit gate and security cabin, road works, drainage and cable duct for the Development of Nganglam Dry Port under Nganglam Dungkhag, Pemagatshel at a cost of Nu. 107.30 million on June 11, 2022.

The dry port facility in Nganglam is expected to facilitate cross-border trade through improved cargo handling services and bring economic benefits for the eastern and parts of southern dzongkhags. The project is being implemented with the financial support from the Government of India. The duration of the project for Work Package – 01 is 18 months and is expected to completed by 2023.