Going Green: Start with your Kitchen

The energy consumed in cooking using the electric infrared cookstove was studied by measurement of energy consumption using Smart Energy Meters in three different households. The energy meters were exclusively used for the electrical Infrared cookstoves to record energy consumed daily for a period of one month. The thermal efficiency of infrared cookstoves was considered to by 70%. The actual energy required for cooking was computed using the efficiency of the infrared cookstove and thus, energy consumed by LPG was calculated using the efficiency of the LPG stove (considered 40%). The theoretical energy consumed by LPG was considered as the base value for comparing the cost of using LPG and infrared cookstove in a year. The cost of nonsubsidized LPG was considered to be Nu.1,139 and subsidized to be Nu.928 per refill. The electricity tariff used for calculation was the third block of LV Domestic tariff structure, i.e. 3.64 Nu/kWh.

Since the LPG is available as subsidized and nonsubsidised with corresponding cost at refill, the benefit associated with each is also different. The tariff used for this study was selected at the highest to see the maximum cost of electricity incurred to users and the least possible benefit of using electricity over LPG in this study. If the energy consumption of a household falls under the second or first block of the domestic LV tariff, the savings will be more than what is projected here. The latest electricity tariff structure of BPC for the Domestic LV consumers can be found here: https://www.bpc.bt/electricity-tariff/