Mediation Handbook for Consumer Disputes, 2022.

Mediation is a process of resolving conflict, in which a third party who is neutral (mediator), assists and facilitates the disputants to resolve their conflict harmoniously. The process is voluntary and the mediator does not participate in the outcome of the mediation process. The disputing parties themselves have control over the consensus to be reached.

The process is non-adversarial, is less expensive, does not involve the courts, avoids delays, is flexible and assures confidentiality, impartiality and neutrality; and is commonly used in disputes between consumers and business entities.

The Office of Consumer Protection (OCP) therefore developed the Mediation Handbook for Consumer Disputes, 2022; for use by Consumer Advocates in the country including Gups. The handbook aims to provide a good understanding of what mediation means and his/ her role as a mediator, approaches to mediation and facilitation of the mediation process.

The Consumer Board & Competition Council (CBCC) endorsed the handbook during its 16th session. The Dzongkha version will be available soon for use and downloads on and

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