Department of Renewable Energy (DRE)

  1. Bhutan Energy Data Directory 2015
  2. Building energy efficiency (Main Report)
  3. Consolidated Industry Audit report-Final
  4. EE Roadmap (Draft)
  5. Final Transport EE report
  6. Macro-economic Impact of EEC Policy in Bhutan
  7. Technical Specifications of Energy Efficient Appliances
  8. Desk Research on Various Heating System for Schools
  9. Painting Booklet
  10. Performance Assessment report on EEHS Final
  11. Standards and Labeling Scheme
  12. Executive Summary of 500 kW Lunana Mini Hydropower Project, DPR
  13.     Energy Auditing and Reporting Guidelines (Buildings)
  14.     Energy Auditing and Reporting Guidelines (Industries)
  15.     SDG7 Roadmap for Bhutan_Final