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1.What are the penal provisions in case of violations?


Any violation to section 6 to 18 of the Act by a service provider, manufacturer and supplier shall be liable to:
1. Pay a fine equivalent to the value of the goods or services in question; or
2. Rectify the false and misleading representation within 14 (fourteen) days.
Failure to pay above fine or rectify the false and misleading representation shall be liable to:

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2.What are the redressal mechanisms?


The aggrieved consumers, affected by unfair trade practices, can seek redresses/remedies or compensation in accordance to the provisions of the Act. The remedies include, among others:
• Rejection of goods
• Repairing of goods
• Replacements of goods
• Refund of Money
• Compensation
• Revocation of contract

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3.How are disputes being settled?


Dispute Settlement by a Gup at village level
• Receive complaint, carry out inquiry and initiate to resolve amicably.
• Refer the dispute to dispute settlement committee through consumer advocate/RTIO in case dispute cannot be resolved amicably.
Dispute settlement by Consumer Advocate, Regional Trade and Industry Office.
• Receive complaint, investigat

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4.Where should an aggrieved consumer lodge a complaint?


An aggrieved consumer may lodge complaint to the Office of Consumer Protection (OCP) or directly to concerned gup at village level or Consumer Advocate at Regional Trade and Industry Office.

 The complainant may lodge complaint online using OCP website.

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5.What are unfair trade practices?


The commission and omission of the following acts by the service provider, manufacturer and supplier shall be classified as unfair trade practices under Consumer Protection Rules and Regulations:
1. Claiming to be a signatory to a professional standard or code of conduct when the supplier, manufacturer or service provider is not.
2. Displaying a trust mark, quality mark or equiva

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