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1.If I have a good industry idea and do not have land, what type of support do I get from the government?


Depending on the priority of an industry, its viability and location, you may be able to lease government forest reserved land or government land for a fixed period. Depending on the availability, you could also apply for plots in one of the existing industrial estates and service centres.

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2.Are there other incentives government provides to help cottage and small industries?


The government provides many fiscal and non-fiscal incentives to cottage and small industries; like tax holiday for certain number of years, import duty exemption on equipments, preferential buying by government and focused entrepreneurship training and extension support

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3.What types of Industrial activities are allowed in the country?


A. All types of business activities are allowed in the country with the exception of the following;

i. Activities that violate any relevant laws of the country,

ii. Activities that threaten national security and public order,

iii. Activities that has harmful effects on public health, environment and Bhutanese morals a

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4.What is the difference between a cottage-scale or a small-scale industry in Bhutan?


The Ministry of Economic Affairs defines cottage–scale as those industries, whose initial investment is less than Nu. 1m and employing up to 4 people; and small-scale as those undertakings employing up to 19 people with an investment ranging from Nu. 1 to 10 m.

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5.What is the cost of getting an industry license?


The cost of the license will depend on whether your industry is cottage-scale or small-scale. If it is a small-scale, you will pay a sum of Nu. 3,100; and if it is a cottage-scale, you will pay Nu. 1,600

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