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May 09, 2016|News

small businesses to boost productivity through bookkeeping


Ask any small business in Bhutan for their book of accounts and chances are they don’t maintain any! It is obvious that an overwhelming majority of small businesses do not maintain any books and are owned and managed by people with little or no knowledge in doing that.

To most of them, bookkeeping appears like a waste of time without even realizing that it is a critical factor that can either make or break their business. If the business is to sustain and grow to a bigger business, they need to realize that bookkeeping has to be taken seriously. The adage “behind

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May 06, 2016|News

World Intellectual Property Day


The Intellectual Property Division (IPD) celebrated the World Intellectual Property Day on April 26, 2016 with the theme “Digital Creativity-Culture Reimagined”. The event was celebrated in collaboration with the stakeholders from the digital creativity sector viz. Animations, Films and Music at Hotel Migmar and with the teachers and students of Dechencholing Higher Secondary School, simultaneousl

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Apr 27, 2016|News

GAKYED GATEON - Festival of Happiness


 Decentralized Hands-On Program Exhibition or D-HOPE in short, is a cottage industry development model that has its origins in Japan. Unlike the regular exhibition which is organized at a fixed location over a short period of time, the decentralized version occurs at the entrepreneurs’ work-sites and is called a festival because it occurs over a much longer period of time. The Program Providers (entrepreneurs) continue to do their regular chores and offer their program to the customers only at certain time in a day or only on certain days in a week –entirely decided by them

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Apr 22, 2016|News

technical co-operation


The Swiss Senior Expert Corps (SEC) is an exchange program where retired experts work with SMEs to transmit their knowledge and skills. Under this program facilitated by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and the Department of Cottage & Small industry (DCSI), Andermatt Alfred Josef or Fredy as he is known, a baker from Switzerland completed a month long stay in Bhutan, working and training bakers from Sky Bakery – a loca

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Mar 17, 2016|News

Signing of Concession Agreement for 118MW Nikachhu Hydroelectric Project


The Concession Agreement for 118MW Nikachhu Hydroelectric Project was signed between the Department of Hydropower & Power Systems, Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Tangsibji Hydro Energy Limited on 4th March 2016 in the presence of Hon’ble Secretary of Ministry of Economic Affairs, Dasho Yeshi Wangdi.
The Concession Agreement provides the concession rights to the Tangsibji Hydro Energy Limited in keeping with the provisions of the Electricity Act-2001, Sustainable Hydropower Development Policy-2008 and other laws and regulations of the country. The Nikachhu Project wil

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