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2 Step Verification for Google Accounts and Google Authenticator


This is to inform all the staffs of MoEA who are using RGOB mail to kindly complete the 2 step verification for your individual google account and also to use the Google Authenticator app for extra layer of security for your accounts. This app generates security codes offline. With this, you can have easy access to your google account from every corner of the world.

There is a guide (attached) for how to download Google Authenticator and how to setup for both the Android and IPhone, IPod Touch, or IPad Devices.

For more information, you can kindly visit


 Set up 2 Step Verification     click here to download  
 Setup Google Authenticator on Android and Iphone    click here to download  


May 10, 2017   |   Notifications     |  ICT unit

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