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Bangkok Sector

 the quotations are invited for the most direct route economy class for the following sector:

05th March. 2017-Paro-Bkk

11th March. 2017-Bkk-Paro.

Name of the travelers:

1. Ms. Dawa Zangmo.  2. Ms. Dawa Chhoedron       3. Ms. Dechen Pema Yangki

4. Ms. Chime Wangmo.  5. Mr. Chhimi Dorji             6. Mr. Tibinda Powdel

7 & 8 - to be confirmed.

the quotations must be submitted on or before 20th Feb. 2017 at 12 noon to the undersigned and shall be opened on the same day at 2:30 PM in the office of the Director, Directorate Services.



Feb 13, 2017   |   Air Ticketting     |  Administration and Finance Division

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