National Workshop on “Globalization and Multilateral Trading System”

As part of the annual programme, the Department of Trade is organizing two days national workshop on “Globalization and Multilateral Trading System” from 6-7 November, 2017 at Ariya Hotel, Thimphu. The workshop is being organized with technical assistance from the WTO Secretariat based in Geneva, Switzerland.

Considering the importance of globalization in the way business is conducted and policies are formulated, the workshop aims to create awareness and stimulate healthy discussions on the process of globalization and its implication on the development, especially in developing and least developed countries. The workshop is also intended to educate about the role and importance of multilateral trading system in a globalized production system today. It is expected to bring better insights and understanding on how small developing countries can benefit from the current round of multilateral trade negotiation and also understand the expected outcome of the upcoming Eleventh Ministerial Conference that will be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, from 10-13 December, 2017.

Given the multi-sectoral nature of the globalization and multilateral trade, the workshop is attended by more than twenty participants from various government agencies including private sector. In our effort to build capacity of the relevant agencies and enhance level of understanding on the global economic issues and multilateral trading system, the Department would be organizing many more national and regional workshops on relevant topics periodically.