Installation of National Earthquake Monitoring Networks

In order to provide information about the location and the magnitudes of the quake and figure out the severity of the tremor felt in different locations, the Department of Geology and Mines, Ministry of Economic Affairs has installed six seismic stations and twenty intensity meters in the country.
The earthquake monitoring network called seismic stations provide information on physical location of earthquake (epicenter), magnitude and behavior of micro seismicity. Seismic data from this network will be used to delineate source structures, rupture mechanisms and generate earthquake hazard maps. The earthquake intensity meters will be used to carry out post-disaster damage assessment, emergency relief responses and simulate future damage predictions.
The networks have been installed under the financial assistance from World Bank administered Japan Policy for Human Resource Development project and in collaboration with National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Resilienceand Kyoto University from Japan and Regional Integrated Early Warning System based in Bangkok.